Lindeman, Clancy
& Budin

Licensed Marriage and

Family Therapists.

   Individual psychotherapy, couple and family counseling for all of Orange County.



Specializing in couples counseling in Orange County, as well as psychotherapy, Teresa Lindeman and James Clancy began their practice in 1974. 

For almost four decades they have provided individual, group, marital, and family therapy to thousands of people. More than half of the clients that Jim sees are people seeking couples counseling.  In 2012 Jim and Teri will celebrate their 38th year together. They have raised two children and now enjoy spending time with their children and their spouses and their three grandchildren.

Robert Budin joined Teresa Lindeman and James Clancy in their private practice in 1978.  Robert treats a wide range of people including youth and blended families. His emphasis is on enhancing positive communication, and increasing connectedness with one another and one's own inner-wiser self.  Robert and his wife have successfully raised five children in their blended family and have twelve grandchildren.


As parents, grandparents and clinicians these three therapists have a wealth of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of disorders

Their clinical practice is a synthesis of technical experience acquired through years of training and education with leading psychotherapists as well as decades of clinical practice with a diverse population of clients. The best treatment is always a balance of sound clinical skills infused with the wisdom and compassion acquired from years of doing therapy.


We are clear about a few things in our personal life as well as our clinical practice:

The best things in life are not things.
No one is healed alone.
The best life is based on awareness, honesty, love and responsibility.
The best relationships are based on honesty, shared responsibility, transparency, mutual respect, equality and love.
It's never too late to have a happy childhood.
   All living things are in a constant state of change and anyone can change the patterns in their life.


Couples Counseling in Orange County

In addition to their psychotherapy skills they have also studied mindfulness which they have integrated into their clinical practice.

They employ meditation, visualization, and affirmations as well as a practical holistic approach to diet, exercise and relationships. 

The three of them have a network of relationships with physicians including psychiatrists, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists and other allied professions.


While couples counseling and therapy are their main areas of expertise, Bob, Teri & Jim have helped many people with anxiety counseling, child counseling, child therapy, and much more.

Orange County Family Counseling


Jim says: "We have continued to expand our skills over the past thirty years. We have received training, supervision and have participated in psychotherapy workshops every year, and our expertise, as marriage therapists, is also in couples counseling and divorce counseling.

Group therapy, parenting help and psychotherapy are other areas where we have tremendous success."



If you are looking for a therapist to work with you or a family member, please feel free to call Bob, Teri & Jim, who will attempt to answer any questions you may have. Their Marriage and Family Therapist practice covers many areas where you may need help.

You are not on this journey alone!


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